One of my most cherished memories! We were opening for the legendary MF Doom in his first west coast appearance in years. After our set was finished, the man himself pulled me aside and told me I killed it. It meant a lot to me then and it means a lot to me now.



SLIMS in SF 2005


Getting ready to hit the stage. I don't remember too much about this set. I know we were opening for Aesop Rock. The thing that sticks out most in my mind about this show is the staff at Slims. They treated us like a 5-star headlining band. So gracious, so professional. 


La PENA in Berkeley 2007


Performing the song Blue Collar with a live band is one of the most satisfying experiences. When that band is The Park it turns from satisfying to addicting.


Secluded Journalists 2012

Photo shoot for the Old Man single. Wonway on the right. Our one and only professional shoot while playing dress up. In 40 years, I'll post a pic of us next to this one just to see how close our parody matches reality. Shout out to leo docuyanan for the photo shoot. www.leodocuyanan.com