Ayentee | Bay Area Hip Hop Artist

Berkeley, CA - There comes a time in a talented hip hop artist's life when the dedication, passion and experience is finally recognized and all the years of effort pay off. For some hip hop artists this comes sooner than for others. For Bay Area Hip Hop Artist Ayentee, this time is finally approaching and approaching fast. With over 20 years of experience as a hip hop lyricists, hip hop producer, and talented hip hop artist, Ayentee has proven his capabilities and his love for the music industry and especially the hip hop community. The latest release from Bay area hip hop artists Ayentee entitled “My Retirement Plan IS Death ” is a testament to the time, effort, dedication and passion he has for his craft. With lyrics that can be easily related to by the masses, Ayentee delivers a Bay Area Hip Hop album with global reach that will have any true hip hop lovers bobbing their heads while hearing well written lyrics for the everyday person trying to survive in a working man’s world. Check out one of the latest releases off this new album and see what all the buzz is about. Representing West Coast Hip Hop to the fullest, Ayentee presents us with relevant hip hop flavor that can be appreciated around the globe.

Latest single - Workaholic

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