Donate $20 toward a song and receive the title of Song Member


-Access to 1% of the revenue generated by the song  

-Your name appears in the credits of the song (some stores don't display credits)

-Free download of the song (sent by email) 


My music is served to Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, ect. by a company called Distrokid. Distrokid gives its artists an option to create revenue splits to help facilitate payments to band mates, producers, managers, ect. Each person who I receive a donation from will be set up with a 1% split for that song. Distrokid will handle the set up and payments. You need a Distrokid membership in order to receive payment and analytic info. Membership is $20 per year but you’ll get a 50% discount coupon by email if you are signing up for the first time. Sign up through that email. The email is manually sent out by me and may take a few hours to hit your inbox, especially if you make your donation while I’m at the 9 to 5. You can buy more than one if you want.


1 million streams on Spotify currently pays out about $4500. 1% of that is $45. 

1 million sales on iTunes pays $693,000. 1% of that is $6,930. 

It is also worth noting that it takes 2-3 months to receive payouts from these online music stores.

Each song has 20 memberships available. Memberships have the potential to generate $400 toward the promotion of a song ($20 x 20 members). On average, $400 worth of promotion can get the song in front of about 25k narrowly targeted music enthusiasts or about 250k loosely targeted music listeners. I will be doing a combination of both. 

Obviously I am not creating a get rich quick scheme or even a solid future investment. This is a chance to participate in something wholly unique. Your $20 donation will go toward promoting the song you specifically chose, in order to give it the best chance at success.  


I want to build something new. Something untried. I want to give my community a chance to share in the dream. I want to give hard working every day people an opportunity at experiencing the thrill of watching a song climb its way up the charts. I'm here to work hard for all of us.


For legal reasons I can’t use a lot of the words that I would like to use to describe what it is that you mean to me, to this song and to the community we are building. I want to share in the successes that I experience in the realest and most tangible way possible. This idea is meant to be lighthearted and fun, kind of like buying a t-shirt from a merch table. Avoiding legal red tape is crucial to the success of this idea. This is not an investment. By donating, you acknowlege that Ayentee retains 100% of all rights to the song. Please take some time to read through the terms agreement.

New Song Every Monday

I release a new song every single week. Stay notified.